Website Development and Web Consulting Services

The Internet has moved beyond the simple premise of a standalone website. There was a time when you could build a good site, and people would just find you.

That is no longer the case.

But, your website is important. It is the center of your digital marketing strategy – all things must lead to it. And for that reason, it must be user friendly, functional, pretty, and above all – Mobile Friendly!

In this ever changing digital world there are always new practices, new standards, new technology to stay on top of. For many business owners, this is a confusing, stressful, and expensive prospect. And the truth is, they simply do not have the time to tackle their digital presence.

There is so much to be aware of:

  • Keyworded Copy
  • SEO
  • SSL Certificates
  • Security
  • Load Times
  • Site Speed
  • Responsive Design
  • Analytics
  • Tag Manager
  • Pixels
  • Updating
  • Indexing
  • No-follow links
  • Optimized Images
  • And More…

It’s all a different language!

So they go with a builder, a readymade theme template, or let an employee/niece/nephew/friend/son or daughter build a “quick” template site.

While this seems to serve the purpose, these sites do little to help your business in the wider scope of the Internet and audience/lead generation. These sites do little to attract your audience, build relationships, or convert.

Think of these sites as empty store front windows – why would those passing by want to come in?

A Piece of The Larger Marketing Strategy

We create websites tailored to the needs of your business, a site that becomes your home base on the web. Our designs are modern and engaging, not out-of-the-box, cookie-cutter themes that don’t function well and are cluttered, clunky and make mobile browsing difficult.

We write copy that intrigues readers while still being fully keyworded for SEO needs.

Our websites follow the latest, best practices of the industry while being intuitive for the user. After all, the best design means nothing if the customer can’t find what they are looking for.

And, our sites are built with you in mind! We design the back end to make it easy for you to add your own images, add copy and pages, and update information as you need to. We take the time to show you how to use your own website, and what you need to keep in mind as you make changes.

Our goal is to be able to turn your website back over to you, we are always here to lean on, but we’ll never hold your website hostage.

Web Consulting Services:

If you already have a website but it needs updating, we offer web consulting services to get your business back on track.

This means we comb through copy, SEO, design, images, load time, responsiveness (for mobile devices), plugins, and any other part of your site that isn’t working correctly, may be causing loss in ranking, or shows high exit rates. We then create a plan of action to get your current site where it needs to be in order to perform well in the digital space.

In addition to website and marketing plans, we also work with customers to solve any web related issue that is affecting their businesses.

Stop Worrying About Your Website:

Let us do that for you! Give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll perform a full site audit, letting you know what issues your current site is experiencing, what needs to be fixed, and a strategy for doing so.

Or, if you are building a new site – let us help create on that starts your business off in a strongest position, with a plan of action moving forward.

Remember, it isn’t about the website – It is about the consistency and the interrealationship of your brand across the Web!