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Marketing, Copy Writing, and SEO all go Together but the Approach Must be Tailored

All businesses are not created equal

your website is the base for all your digital marketing

So their marketing plans shouldn’t be either!

Strong copy writing and strategic SEO should be the foundation of your plan. Keywords help define and taget your audience. Optimizing for those keywords helps search engines bring your target audience to you, and strong copy helps convert.

A marketing strategy comes next.

We believe in starting with what will get you the best results, then expanding to the markets that best fits your needs – not what is new and shiny!

In today’s tech driven world there is always something new, something ‘better’. But just because there is a new trend, new software, a new platform – does that mean you have to use it?

The Answer Is NO!

Every business needs to evaluate what platforms, what techniques, and what marketing strategy will best fit its needs.

But when you start thinking about what the strategy means…

Marketing trends shouldn't drive your marketing strategy

  • Copy Strategy
  •  Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Calendars
  • Link Building

The list goes on…


It Is All So Overwhelming!

We at Red Designs know that when faced with this overwhelm – business owners shut down

overwhelmed with business marketing strategy is like staring into a dark hole

They stick to what they know, even if it isn’t working, because changing is like staring into the Abyss – an endless black hole where nothing makes sense.

But there is help.

And you don’t have to jump in feet first

At Red Designs we offer full marketing and copywriting/SEO plans.

We evaluate what your business is doing, what is working, and what needs fixed, then we layout a plan of action. From there you pay for the part that fits your budget, leaving the rest for future development.

Or, if you have one task that is just too much for your plate right now, we can help with that too – take a look at our list of services.


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