Any Marketing is Better than No Marketing

Tabitha Armstrong May 21, 2020

A Little Planning Will Give You an Effective Marketing Strategy for Very Little Time Investment

[Part 1]

Why is it you feel you don’t have time to market your business?

It seems like there is so much to do, so many pieces that must be maintained, and no time to maintain them or create them…
Marketing trends shouldn't drive your marketing strategy

Let’s Face It – Marketing can be a black hole!
overwhelmed with business marketing strategy is like staring into a dark holeOften businesses ignore their marketing because of the time investment needed. So besides an ad in the local paper, or a haphazard boosted Facebook Post they do nothing.
The truth is, some marketing is better than NO marketing – really, it is..

But how can that be effective?
That little bit of marketing can be easy, but it takes a little planning to be effective.


Intentional Marketing Brings Results

strategy spelled out showing Marketing Strategy

You can market your business with 1 to 2 posts a week, an email once a month, and by taking advantage of a few free avenues. Today we’ll focus on social media.
To make a small time investment effective you must make a plan, decide what it is you are marketing – your message, a new product, an upcoming sale. Then, work backwards…

Start with your social media list.
But I don’t have time to post every day.
And really, I don’t know what to post…
person asking 'any idea' for marketing

That’s why you plan. Start with a commitment of a few hours at the beginning of the month to create the following marketing system that will increase engagement and sales throughout the month..
  1. Write a post about the event or sale for the week it will happen.
  2. Then, step back one week and write a message about your business and hint at the sale coming up ‘next week’. I like to pair this post with an image from the business – a display or interesting shot if you are a brick and mortar. A post about what you are working on that day, with an image of you being ‘busy’ or a desktop covered with work. This post makes you relatable as well as plants the seed for the upcoming sale.
  3. Step back another week, write a story about a customer – something 200-300 words. Maybe someone that made you smile as you talked over the counter; a testimonial or email someone sent you; maybe an experience you had in the past – a throwback moment… If you have an image of that customer, or the note a customer sent, or an old photo from a throwback moment, use that with the post.
  4. Step back one more week, and write a post that has nothing to do with sales. Write about something you are grateful for, something that helps you get through the day, or post a picture from your business with a bit of an explanation. Think about things you like to see from other businesses to give you inspiration.
thoughtful marketing emoticon face
Four posts and a sequence that will lead up to your sale. Schedule these in advance so that for one month you don’t have to think much about them.
That’s easy – I can write four posts like that in like an hour..

Your marketing needs to easily fit into your schedule or you won’t be able to sustain it.
So here’s the next piece – still using your social media list…
Create an Ad!


Like a Facebook ad?.

Yes, or for any of your social media accounts.
For many small businesses, especially those just getting started, you may not have targeted audiences, targeted traffic, etc. So why build an ad?
Because you have just spent a few weeks engaging people and your social media platform has been creating an audience for you.

When would I publish the ad?.
Plan your ad so that it goes out 10 days before the sale. But, target the ad to 2 different groups.

Group 1: people that have interacted with your page/posts over the last 30 days. This means all new likes and follows, people that have liked and shared your recent posts, and people that will interact with post 3 and 4 when they publish.
And Group 2: People simliar to your current audience and in the correct locations.

Okay, so this sounds doable so far. Is there anything else I can do on social media that fits into this formula easily?

Set up an event.
If you use Facebook, take advantage of their events because people on your list and in your local area will see that event without you having to do anything else. Facebook automatically shows it to people who are located nearby, interested in your page, or looking at events near you.


Tune in for Part 2 – Using Your Email List